Don't get me wrong. back when I took these photos they were amazing to me, and the parents loved them. I was also pretty good when I first started, in retrospect. I have always put my best foot forward, have always put my heart and passion into EVERY shot. BUT I have learned in leaps and bounds all about the 'correct way' to pose a baby so their stature doesn't look 'messy' etc. Sometimes one pose can take 20 mins! It is an ART, it is carefully planned and done with lots of experience and SKILL. I take pride in why work, I know these photos are SO important, and I want them to last a lifetime impression in you and everyone that sees them. 

All of my newborn pricing is below. To book the session I will need the 'creative fee' of $195 dollars. This only includes the session, no digital files, prints included. You will need to purchase a "Collection" day of the session. Contact me here if you would like to see the "Collection" pricing.  If you are ready to book right now, please click on this button :) I can't wait! 

This is a VERY important question I want to answer for you.  This type of photography is expensive. For a lot of people, that is the first thing they look for is the cost. I get that.  Believe me. The session will cost you around $465-$700. WOW your probably thinking. Well let me explain to you what you are paying for. Experience is the first thing. I have been doing this for 6 years. Full time. Newborns are my specialty. Not only is your baby safe in my hands, I take what I do very serious. I am also a Mom and handling baby's is like  second nature to me. The session is done in MY studio not your home. I do this for many reasons but the biggest is convenience for both of us.  The atmosphere when you show up for your session is how it should be. SUPER warm, comfortable, and cozy. You will witness your baby sleeping better than it ever has. I will give you my guide on how to prepare for the session. I have done SO many sessions, I know what works. 

I also style your session with ALL my OWN props. I use only the highest quality, beautiful, handmade items. The session can take up 4 hours depending on how many siblings, how baby is feeding etc. I have the best gear available to any photographer, I use the best lighting available. I have mentored with the best newborn photographers hands on in the world. I am constantly striving to be better, that's the perfectionist in me.  IF you are here shopping for a cheap photographer,  I am not the one for you. If you are here to get gorgeous, amazing, high quality newborn images, but are willing to pay for them then I am the photographer you want to hire. These moments are here for such a short period of time, these are as important as your wedding photos. You can NEVER get these teeny tiny bodies back. They grow SO fast and then you wish you did it. DO not pick a photographer because of the cost, pick the one you want because they fit your needs with their style, their experience, and their PASSION for perfection.  Below are some images from when I started and now.  All images on left are recent, the ones on the right were when I just started.  I want you to be aware of the posing the lighting, and the editing. Editing is SUCH a huge part of the process also. Babies usually have blotchy red bumpy skin. Their skin tones can be yellowish, or extremely red. My job is to fix everything. Editing ONE photo can take me 40 mins depending on what I need to do. Here are some examples of when I began and my current work. 

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